Saturday, 31 March 2012

On the road again

I fear we may have been a bit uncommunicative of late.  When a sailing date becomes close, We start to think we have nothing to say until we actually set out. And, of course, just about everyone has their own experiences of London; why obscure them by dwelling on ours.

After a week of summer rather than spring weather in London, the thermometer dropped, the sky clouded over and contrary winds sprang up to see us off.  No less than 8 occupants of other boats got over to the St. Katharine's lock at 7am to see us out of the marina into the river.  That speaks of either real friendship to get up so early or else of genuine pleasure to see the last of us.  Anyway, it almost seemed the gray windy chill discouraged the container ships and tankers from leaving the Thames because the river was as quiet for our trip down as it had been busy for the trip up last October.

So we are now anchored in a quiet creek near the North Sea 40 nm east of London.  My brother would call it a "gold star day".  That's a boating day during which you spend $0.00.

Good to be under way again!