Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Reunion

Jurgen, Claudia, Janine, Jean, Mary Anne & Larry
We had a great dinner aboard last night after LA BELLE EPOQUE and ISATIS sailed into King Cove this week. The weather outside has been gloomy, rainy and windy but everyone's spirits were sunny after having a good rest, unhampered by thoughts of anchor and ice watches. We looked at Claude's dramatic videos of our passage through Bellot Strait, we sang the Northwest Passage Song and we ate some GREAT food. Our fishing neighbour Jeremy Mack had earlier given us some gorgeous salmon, so we started off with a smoked salmon appetizer. The main course was gingered pork and rice - our cruising friends Alec and Cherry (RAINBOW GYPSY) brought a pea/lentil salad, Claudia made a great banana cake with Isatis bringing some great wine. ACALEPHE was in our thoughts because we added the superb Dolce de Leche given me by Maud Francoeur. Thanks, Maud - we all agreed it was a fabulous touch and fitting end to a great meal.

la Belle Epoque
Today the other NWP boats will be travelling onwards to the East ... TRAVERSAY III and GYPSY are left behind - waiting for parts.

Claudia and Jurgen

Janine & Jean

Cherry and Alec Yarrow

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