Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monterey Bay

Sea lions sun-bathing
Portcullis keeps out sea lions

On Sunday we had a wonderful day at sea with sunshine, meals outside, and a temptation to go barefoot after many months - it felt like years - of cold weather. After motoring through the calm bay in the pink dawn,
we arrived early through scads of barking sea lions who lined the channel either side or sun-bathed in large clusters mid-channel. Our neighbours Joe and Skip helped tie us up on docks which are barricaded to keep marauding sea lions from entering  - a large orange fender now protects our swim platform.
Cannery Row
Walking through Cannery Row, we gained entrance to the wonderful Monterey Bay Aquarium via a Courtesy Pass given us by Skip Dubrin - Volunteer Emeritus. Larry took marvellous photos - here are just two.

There are a number of boat-fixes which have been interfering with our sight-seeing, but we hope to remedy that before we leave on Friday.
Larry prepares to check propeller

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