Saturday, 7 June 2014

Colores Mexicanos

Our new friends here have made the unusually long stay 'on the hard' easy to cope with. One of my Zumba teachers invited us over to her 8-yr-olds birthday party ... everyone had a grand time ... as you can see from the photos of the food, music, colour and dancing ... the site was a car wash (conveniently closed Sundays) and there was something for all ages... a  pavilion and piñata for the kids ...
Cara, Gabrielle (age 8) and Annette (my zumba teacher)

Gabrielle with the downed piñata
Table of gifts
Cesar provided music 

Dolores (Dolly) and us
... music and singing (provided by family members), dancing, magnificent food and great conversation for adults. Conversations of which Larry understood 60% and I took in 25%. We got a ride home with Dolly and her husband.
Karen David and Fernando

Baja 500 ramp w police support
It is indeed cruel and unusual treatment for a boat , with over 90,000 nautical miles to be out of the water for more than 4 weeks. Nautical miles are BIG ... bigger than land miles ... and both Trav 3 and her owners are feeling unhappy about our distance from our natural element. In Trav's case, she is still waiting for her 'bottom' to be cleaned up and for her propellor to be installed. In our case, climbing up and down the ladder to get to the toilet or to leave the boat reminds us of what it must be like to be a 2-toed sloth (they climb down from their tree-top once a day to defecate). There are advantages to being atop a high ladder, however. We will probably SEE the annual Baja 500 race from up here.  - we will certainly HEAR it!

While the painting of the topsides took place - with the use of toxic paint - we had a nice break for 3 nights at the luxurious Coronado Hotel (see photos taken from our 2 balconies).
Harbour view with Cruiseship
Red tiled roofs of the city

I found it very relaxing as this is where the Gym and my Zumba classes take place.

I've been carried around and along with all my new amigas here ... My appreciation of the music and rhythm has really improved ... si ... mi me gusta MUCHO la zumba!!!

However, it's unlikely I will ever be able to join the teacher Imelda and some of the other dancers in my class - Norma, Ruth, Josie and Miravel. They dance in the annual Carnivale here ... what a
charge to dress up in such an exotic costume
Imelda and the class

and hit the stage ...
CARNIVAL dancers ... from Left Norma, Ruth, Josie (?)  (?)  (?) (?) (?)  Miravel and Imelda

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