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Sunday, 26 February 2017

A rough shiny day!

This has been a tough passage ... we haven't been able to relax much because all along our path it seems we've had 3 to 5 meter waves ... and we've diverted from our course to avoid the even worse 9 meter waves. There have been many sail changes and a lot of uncertainty.

BUT today we sat out in the beautiful sunshine looking at the cobalt-blue shiny waves.

We're now using the same 2007 chart we used for our last NZ-Chile nonstop.
2007: we were at 43 degrees South
2017: we're at 37 degrees South
2007: water temperature: 13 degrees C
2017: up to 20 C
2007: 33-day passage
2017 (probable): 39 days
2007: we were "knocked down" (boat slewed sideways and top of mast hit the water)
2017: a more conservative navigation schema will preclude a knock-down

Earlier, we got a chance to have calimari for dinner when this gift arrived from Neptune!

At 2017-02-27 06:04 (utc) our position was 37°07.29'S 115°36.18'W

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  1. We wish you a safe onward passage and hope that the worst of the weather is now behind you!