Saturday, 13 January 2018

We missed them

Now that we've completed 20 dives this time around, and over 50 dives in our combined trips to Patagonian Chile, there are some spectacular underwater animals that we had hoped to see once again and - this time - for whatever reason - we missed seeing them. So at least we can post their photos and list where we last saw them so that perhaps divers will make sure to check them out in future.

Soon we'll leave Chile, but my task for the months offshore is to systematize those 50 dives in an Excel database which could be of help to others who are also fascinated by Patagonia's varied underwater environment. The task will be lengthy - in part because of my inability to be totally secure in some of my identifications (in some cases no I.D.s seemed to exist) and in part because our ability to vary the sites we dived was constricted. Of course, we were also only able to survey a minute percentage of the area and only at a particular time of year. However, it will be fascinating to try to learn enough about the science to find out what sorts of things we COULD comment on in an intelligent way.

So here are some of our 'missed friends':
nudibranch: tritonia odhneri Puerto Profundo,  

sponge: unknown Caleta Ideal

small octopus enteroctopus megalocyathus Caleta Ideal


nudibranch: thececara darwini Isla Smith, Jechica 

fish: leptonotus blainvilleanus Bahia Tom, I Smith

Jewel Anemones cornyactis sp Jechica, Isla Amita

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