Saturday, 26 May 2018

About our Pacifc Ocean Trip : May 2016-May 2018

'New things are always presented for the delight of (our) curiosity, lest the threadbare common objects should make him weary.'

Linnaeus the great Swedish biologist expressed this thought - which also suits Traversay III and us - her crew - very well. We're getting weary (so is Traversay) and we're looking forward to being in the familiar waters of home. It has made us happy to have been able to share some of the delights and curiosities which we've encountered by writing this blog. Thank you for reading. After a few more entries we'll be saying farewell - it's been our custom to stop writing the blog once we're in home waters. All the best in finding your own delights and curiosities!

While Larry has been busy fixing the 'fridge and identifying what was wrong with the generator, I've been looking over our files and have assembled the following 'specifics' about our trip. Please note sums are as accurate as I can make them. At times, our days were partitioned and I did not account for fractions!

# of days altogether: 759
# days on passage: 171
# different anchorages: 95
# days anchored out: 185
# days tied to a dock: 389
# different Marinas: 13 so far
1) Breakwater Marina Townsville AUS
2) Keppel Bay Marina Rosslyn Bay AUS
3) Mooloolaba Marina AUS
4) Raby Bay Marina AUS
5) Horizon Shores Marina AUS
6) Nelson Bay Marina AUS
7) Bobbinhead Marina AUS
8) Nelson Bay Marina New Zealand
9) Waikawa Marina NZ
10) Picton Marina NZ
11) Club de Yates Valdivia Chile
12) Marina Quinched Chile
13) Ala Wai Marina Oahu, Hawaii USA
14) Either Neah Bay Marina or Port Angeles, WA USA
15) Causeway Marina Victoria BC Canada

# scuba dives: 52 total : 27 warm (Aus); 5 moderate : N.Z. (18C) ; 20 cold : Chile (9-10C)
# scuba photos taken (approx. 2600), edited and species identification: (approx.) 1680
# land photos taken - v approx. 30% edited and good: AUS :1,000 N.Z. : 600 Chile: 2,000 Hawaii: 8
# of nautical miles : 25,000 (46,000 km)
NB statute miles are smaller than nautical miles at a ratio of about 6:7
Distance around the world at the equator: 21,600 nautical miles
Our average speed : 10 km/hr
Sailing: 95% on all lengthy passages 5% on inshore passages … we motored many miles along the coasts of Patagonia, New Zealand and Australia. We often attain faster speeds in sailing than the motored vessels we pass (not that we EVER race!)

At 2018-05-26 15:16 (utc) our position was 47°29.61'N 132°08.58'W

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