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Saturday, 14 April 2012


Traversay III at City Marina
The purpose of these words is really just to frame a few pictures of our stay in Hamburg.

Our marina is situated in the very centre of the city.  The harbour hosts everything from the very largest of container ships down through canal freighters, tugboats, long skinny tourboats to our (relatively) tiny sailboat.

Every day we find another touristy thing to do.  An entire morning got us through 2 1/2 floors of the 8 floor international maritime museum.  An entire day can be spent wandering over bridges and along canal shores.

Yesterday we visited "miniature world".  The words "model railway" would massively understate the place. The photos are too static to convey the real impression conveyed.  Tiny trucks drive along highways with turn signals blinking at the appropriate moments.  Tractors push airliners back from the gates at the airport,disconnect and allow the aircraft to taxi off to the runway.  The aircraft then accelerates down the runway to a crescendo of noise and takes off.  And, yes, the aircraft, taxi and runway lights are all doing their thing.  At the airport, fuel trucks, passenger buses and catering trucks are all doing appropriate things as the aircraft come and go.

In the Scandinavian section,a large cruise ship sailed into the fjord and harbour and, later, back out again.  I snapped a picture partly obscured by a harbour crane in the foreground.

Oh, did I mention the occasional fire that draws a very mobile fire brigade out of their station, down the road and into action with hoses and ladders?

Needless to say, this is a popular outing!  You can book ahead or stand in line for an hour if you arrive after 9:30am.  It opens to the throngs of spectators from 7:30am to about 11pm.
From our boat - not a miniature!

I have no idea what will happen today!

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  1. Hi, have you seen in Cuxhaven. Nice that you also visited Germany, I wish you a good time here! And a safe journey and always a hand-breadth of water under the keel! :-)