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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Waiting in Helgoland

The wind indicator reads over 30 knots as we sit against the floating dock with 3 German weekend boats rafted outside us. That is to say that the boats are tied alongside us such that the crew of the outside boat have 4 boats in succession to walk across to reach the shore. The next two rafts up the dock have 5 boats and 7 boats respectively and every other spot in the harbor is similarly jammed.

Tomorrow is Sunday so they probably all leave for Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven. At any rate, tomorrow we must somehow worm our way out of our spot against the dock inside the three other boats to suffer on a close reach northbound. If we wait for lighter weather we suffer even more from northerly gales forecast on the Norwegian coast in 4 days time. Isn't sailing fun!?

This tiny resort island is unusual in Europe for having no VAT, no duty etc. We refuelled of course at EURO1.15 a liter and rerummed at EURO9.95 a liter. Not the lowest prices we've ever seen, of course, but a bargain around here. Alas we don't need any Rolex watches.

And it IS cold!

L & MA
Helgoland, Germany

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