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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dover to Dartmouth

White Cliffs of Dover
Our new sails
It was so nice to be underway once again out of the Medway that I settled down for a snooze ... completely missing our friends on Supertaff who zoomed by under sail while we stinkily battled along under motor. We were completely impervious to the radio as we knew them as Neil and Mandy AND they cheekily addressed us as "Travesty"

Later on we were able to hoist our NEW sails ... made here in England by OneSails. They are absolutely perfect.

On reaching Dover, we spent a few pleasant hours with our friends Andrew and Lyn met whilst cruising the Antipodes on their boat Sentinel. They "got spliced" in Auckland, and we helped provide some wedding music with our piano and a trio comprised of Lyn (clarinet) and Linda (flute/voice) and myself.
We wanted to catch the easterly winds, so had very little time in Dover. Apart from enjoying Lyn's dinner and a brief tour to Tesco's to buy internet time and milk, we only have a few photos to show for the time spent there.

Wedding in Auckland February 2010
Dover Castle

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