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Friday, 19 April 2013

Fitness Routines

"Adina" - a beautiful Hylas 46 had left when we got up this morning - bound for Spain and carrying Tom and Susie on their first long passage. They left me these beautiful daffodils. 
Susie and Tom
The birthday furnished the excuse which allowed me to break my routine. Although I'm a hopeless athlete (only shining at the 3-legged race at school) I've always tried to maintain some type of exercise program.
Slim version with Mama Naluai in Hawaii - 2002
Marigold Edwards on Trav 3 in  N.Z.
Beth with Kevin
With friend Shelagh in France 2013
Karate promotion in Bellingham 2004
With Signe at Fitness First
Frida and Rae

Canada's10BX program, the Ottawa marathon (1987) and a brown belt in karate kept me fit in past years. Marigold Edwards and Beth Hansen (former owner of "Red" - our sister ship) have helped me stay more fit. To develop the "core" teacher Heather Quipp (Alexander Technique) and friend Shelagh Aitkins have kept me a practitioner. It's difficult to keep my level of aerobic fitness and keep off the extra pounds while travelling.  In port, one can join a fitness club. Frida or Signe and I met 5x weekly to go to Fitness First in London.
On the move,  Larry installs some TRX straps every time we reach a harbour.
Signe's 'bespoke' yoga exercises for me
TRX resistance straps
 I currently spend 18 minutes doing heavy aerobic resistance training with these 5x weekly. I follow this with either 35 minutes of Callanetics or 15 minutes of yoga (thanks Signe).

The advantage of the Callanetics is that over the last 7 years (since Jilly introduced me to it in Nelson N.Z.)
Jilly with Peter at Christmas 2006
I can do these even while we're offshore.
Callanetics - 1990 edition

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  1. thnx for the reminder about callanetics - I had totaly forgotten all about this routine technique untill going over your blog yesterday. in a lifetime before, I used to be a personal trainer and also taught fitness classes at a gym in rural New South Wales AUS many years ago. I have already brought out some of my old low impact and floor exercises and some yoga from the cobwebs of my brain to keep myself fit onboard - on shore -leave I can get in some jogging and bush walking but age and injuries are catching up.
    thnx to your post I have another routine to play with
    Cheers Nancy