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Monday, 21 July 2014


During today's early hours, our distance from land topped out at about 1000 nautical miles [1800 kilometers]. Rather than seeing ourselves moving daily further from the Hawaiian Islands, we can now think of it as moving steadily closer to King Cove, Alaska.

We are well to the west of previous Hawaii-mainland routes we have followed with the California and Oregon coasts never closer than 1700 miles [3000 kilometers]. Motion since Hawaii has been boisterous, to say the least, in winds up to 25 knots and seas over 2 meters. Waves frequently wash the length of the deck and soak either of us if we are inattentive enough to be caught out in the open.

As we approach 40 north latitude, we will have a little break from all the movement as we cross the semi-stationary "Pacific High" with its light winds and more gentle seas. We will use that opportunity to make a few small repairs. North of the high, our pace will slow a bit in the more benign but less sailorly conditions.

At 7/22/2014 03:11 (utc) our position was 39°04.08'N 161°46.89'W

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