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Monday, 14 July 2014

Leaving Hawaii

Summer is short!  And since our summer is planned to include Alaska, it is all too soon time to leave these enchanted islands.

Mama Nalauai'i
Betty, Buddy and Mary Anne
On Friday evening, we enjoyed a delightful home-cooked dinner with Buddy, David, Betty and Buddy’s mother, 100 year old “Mama” Nalaui’i.  These are all good friends we first met on previous sails to Hawaii.

An unexpected highlight of our Honolulu visit was an invitation for Mary Anne to play Chopin’s “Harp Etude” in front of a large crowd at Kawaihao Church, the Hawaiian Royal Family’s cathedral.  The church’s Bosendorfer concert grand added a beautiful sound to Mary Anne’s memorable performance!

Mary Anne and Bosendorfer
And now it is time to sail away.  We have left Honolulu and sailed around to a remote anchorage on the quiet west shore of Oahu for a final night rest at anchor before the 2000 nautical mile reach north to Alaska.

As the sky turns golden in our last Hawaiian sunset, no land blocks our view of the western horizon.
Green Valley at Makua

Last Hawaiian Sunset

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