Thursday, 13 October 2016

Fun at Raby Bay Marina

The Marina office
We've been tied up here for a month ... it's a lovely spot with restaurants, grocery stores and excellent walks around the area. During this time, I went back to Ontario Canada for 15 days to visit family and friends. Meanwhile, Larry had to go in to have surgery and correct a 'man's problem'. He's gradually recovering but isn't allowed to carry anything heavy. So our new friends (and former Canadian compatriots) here are helping us out ... so far we've been driven around to Costco for supplies and invited for dinner to the lovely home of  Charlotte and Dave (SV Walkabout).

View of restaurants and businesses from Trav III

We met the 'Walkabouts' at the Wednesday night get-together of the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club here at the Hog's Breath Cafe just steps from where we're docked. We joined this club and got the T-shirt six years ago when we accidentally wandered into the Wednesday Club night. We'll be writing more about the club in succeeding blogs. Also in our photos with us are Tony and Marianne - she's a Canadian from Sudbury.. She and Tony have a lovely set-up nearby - actually within view of Traversay. Their condo overlooks the canal on which their boat is tied up.

I've started to do some 'serious' writing about our trip ... so far I've sent an article about the Rules/Regs for entering OZ to 'Currents' - the on-line magazine for the Bluewater Cruising Association.

'Shaggers' Wednesday night event
Charlotte's garden
Last weekend we went to see the excellent Tom Hanks movie 'Sully' about the airline Captain who landed his airplane on the Hudson River (with zero fatalities). We happened to meet up with Susan and Rick Carroll and as he's a retired Air Traffic Controller the conversation veered  towards the movie and the actuial event. The conversation became very protracted - we met the Carroll's son-in-law Matt and we'll be meeting the extended family on Sunday. Matt has extensive links to the sailing community. We're hoping to borrow this family's muscles on Sunday to help move the old chain off our boat and to move the new chain on as Larry won't be able to lift anything heavy for some time yet.

Susan and Rick Carroll

Charlotte in her garden

Fish pond

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