Monday, 24 October 2016

Horizon Shores Marina

We're in the middle of a convoluted waterway near Brisbane but far from any public transport or train station so we can only leave by foot or by taking a $35 taxi trip to the nearest train station.

Our boat has a 2.2m draft - yikes!
The convoluted waterway
tied to the fuel dock
Why did we choose this marina? This is where the sailmaker we selected to make our sprayhood (dodger) has his business. It's 7a.m. and Rod and his assistant Jason are currently outside measuring and taking notes on the job. The dodger (sprayhood in England) is the covering over the steps which lead down into the boat from the cockpit. It plays a vital role in keeping the watch-person comfortable (and dry) offshore. If it's well-made, you don't need to wear outer raingear or warm clothes to stand out there and keep watch.

waterfront home
When we got to Australia 10 years ago, our first dodger (constructed in Victoria in 2001) had failed. We had one made here - and it did the job brilliantly for about 80,000 nautical miles. We hope Rod and Jason can make one just as good. They're using real leather and Sunbrella - the colours may not 'match' perfectly, but we hope for a 'GOOD SAILOR'.

Horizon Shores restraurant
puzzle of Vernazza, Italy
People start work early here. Businesses don't officially open until 8:30 or 9, but trades-people and people who have to be out in the sun (like Rod) tend to start as early as 5a.m. There are not many liveaboards here - the marina restaurant closes at 3p.m. and there are few people around our dock. Yesterday I only saw 3 people walk down the ramp to our section of docks, and none of them came anywhere near.

Casey with 'goody bag'
Natalie and Casey
I include a photo of the 1,000 piece jigsaw we spent a whole day obsessing over. It passed the time quickly during the one day we anchored out. I'm sure neighbours around us wondered if we'd murdered each other!

I'm including a few photos of Horizon Shores. We had a lovely welcome at the office where we met Natalie and Casey.

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