Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tananger, Norway

Our berth in Tananger
Stavanger Harbour
A two day crossing from Helgoland brought us to Tananger just as the winds started to blow from ahead. After 4 days here, we have given up the hope of a fair wind and will now be content to continue north if it would just stop blowing quite as hard.  The cool wind and occasional snow suggest that, if spring has indeed put in an appearance, she is quite shy and is only just peeking her head around the door.
Domkirche - Stavanger

City center park
Nearby Stavanger, accessible to us more quickly by bus than in the boat, is a charming city built on gentle hills. The pedestrianized streets, beautiful cathedral and high prices were all memorable.

We've now been joined by friend Wendy from Vancouver who will accompany us for a few weeks as we make our way north along the coast of Norway.

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