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Friday, 9 August 2013

Before leaving Arctic Bay

Admiralty Inlet
We're leaving Arctic Bay and before we leave the 'net' behind, we asked Claude to share some of his excellent photos. {Our license plate photos were my idea - just to add some frivolity}.
View of Arctic Bay
Old NU license 

Sled dogs tied up out of town
New NU license

On our walk today we discovered where the sled dogs are kept over the summer months. There are a series of at least 7 teams - all chained and lying out along the airport drive several miles east of the town. The dogs were extremely alert and aware of us as we passed, but they didn't make a sound.

 Claude's photos as well as Claude himself have added a great deal to our trip so far. All three of us are looking forward to pushing forward into the ice with a feeling of expectancy and (in my case) a bit of fear.

Inuksuk above the town

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