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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Waiting for the Captain waiting for the ice ...

We're still in Arctic Bay ... there seemed very little point in leaving as we can  be 'connected' both to other humans and to the ice and weather reports. The only boating  'downside' to staying here for a week would be if strong Northerlies prevent us getting back out of Admiralty Inlet. The personal 'downside' is that I wrote heartfelt (but inaccurate) letters to my friends telling them we cannot communicate with each other for weeks or even months. I hope they won't think I'm a liar!
Mom with amauti baby carrier

Whenever I ask the Captain he says "I won't actually have made up my mind about leaving until you notice that we've left!"

The Captain could write about the numerous factors which would explain our delayed departure. Any attempt I made to explain would be filled with inaccuracies and a little of my sense of boredom might also communicate itself to you. All I can say is that he does seem to take as many factors into account for leaving Arctic Bay as for each Air Canada flight!

Meanwhile, we've had a chance to look around the surrounding area - we've had some really fine encounters with the friendly folks here and we have fresh food to last us for the next few weeks. So farewell for now - see you in the ice!

Gina carving ... 
... the whale

Wild flowers at the graveyard

foto of us ... by Claude

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