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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

More food news …

Tyson helped us with fuel
We have just left Cambridge Bay … a delightful community which we visited for less than 12 hours (most of it spent asleep!) We filled with fuel at the dock … Tyson helped and he told me the Post Office would be open already (it was 0830 and that the grocery store wouldn't open until 1000). I rushed off hoping to send a few post cards. Just as at Arctic Bay, there were no post cards available … but one could find them at the School Library which also sold warm Inuit-made apparel to support the library. When I spoke to Pam (the librarian) and let her know I'd lost my wool neck-warmer, she said there were none for sale. She then took her OWN scarf out of her coat and gave it to me! I rushed over to the store and bought some fresh veggies and bread - I won't have to bake for a while, and we left the dock at 1100hrs.

Now that there will be just two of us on the boat, we'll each cook on alternate days. We'll each be standing watch 12-hrs daily. Darker days and long watches outside (watching for ice) are ahead of us. The presence of a third person and only 6 hrs daily watch-keeping made it possible for me to play the piano and focus more on making tasty food. So in future we'll be eating and cooking for survival only … not for gourmet experiences. I know that some of my trusty women friends are reading not just for the adventure but (if they're sailors) for real tips to help them provision. Here's a list of the meals for lunch (L) and dinner (D) that we had over the last month that Claude was here. Listed also are *assorted spices*.

One month of Boat Menus
Su 28/07 {Bathurst I} L: sandwich (see after Menus list) Southern stew *chili flakes, cinnamon* D: Tuna capers parsley pasta
M 29/07 {travel} L: Southern stew toasted cheese D: Pork chermoula *curry powder, ground cumin, paprika, jalapeno peppers*
T 30/07 {Tay Bay} L: purple cabbage w mackerel soup D: CLAUDE - pizza (cheese & onion)
W 31/07 {Tay Bay} L: Split pea soup w ham D: Kashmir chicken *cardomon pods, cumin seeds, ground coriander*
Th 1/08 {Tay Bay}L: Pea soup D: Fish curry *kaffir lime leaves, fresh ginger, de-seeded red chili pepper, star anise, fennel seeds*
F 2/08 {travel} L: Pea soup D: Salmon/broccoli pasta
S 3/08 {Arctic Bay} L: Aubergine curry *medium curry* D: Salad, steak, potatoes, onions
Su 4/08 {Arctic Bay} L: Aubergine curry D: Cabbage, carrot, raisin salad: Mushroom pilau w. kippers *hot curry powder, cumin seeds, black mustard seeds*
M 5/08 {A.B.} L: Vegetarian goulash *smoked paprika, sun-dried tomato paste* D: Rogan Josh lamb w potatoes *purchased rogan josh curry paste*
T 6/08 {A.B.} L: Vegetarian goulash; D: CLAUDE tuna w shell pasta, black olives,pesto, lemon zest
W 7/08 {A.B.} L: Homemade vegetable soup D: Cabbage and carrot salad, Paella *chili powder, saffron*
Th 8/08 {A.B.} L: Veggie mulligatawny soup *curry powder, thyme* D: Paella, salad
F 9/08 {A.B.}L: Green pepper Mexican stir-fry w. cheese *cayenne pepper, cumin seeds* D: Chili crab *coriander, ginger, de-seeded green chili*
S 10/08 {travel} L: Bean & celery soup Ham n' cheese tortilla D: Stew w lamb, pork, carrots, red pepper potatoes, *star anise, cinnamon*
Su 11/08 {travel}L: Kipper beet and bean soup D: Ham, lentil and potato curry *medium curry powder*
M 12/08 {Scallon Cove} L: Salmon and celery soup *fresh frozen dill* D: carrot and cabbage salad, Steak, mash spuds, mushrooms
T 13/08 {Scallon Bay} L: Salmon soup; Claude makes his special tuna dinner
W 14/08 {Scallon Bay} L: Mackerel barley soup D: 'Chinese' rice w egg, soya sauce, peas, ham
Th 15/08 {Erebus & Terror Bay}L: Barley soup D: Chicken Thai curry w peppers, baby corn & spinach *Thai green curry paste, 2 red de-seeded piri-piri peppers*
F 16/08 {Scallon Cove} L: Barley soup D: Thai green curry w chicken
S 17/08 {travel} L: Thai soup w leftovers D: Chicken w tomatoes capers & pasta
Su 18/08 {travel} L: Vegetarian goulash D: Chinese rice
M 19/08 {Fort Ross} L: Vegetarian goulash D: Vegetarian goulash and chicken
T 20/08 {Brands Is} L: Acalephe over: salad: cabbage, apple, green pepper, raisins Chicken and tomatoes w rigatoni D: same as L
W 21/08 {Brands I.} L: Spanish rice D: Spanish rice with salmon
Th 22/08 {Brands} L: Green and yellow lentil curry D: Lamb w potatoes and green beans
F 23/08 {through Bellot, anchor Willis Bay} L: lentil curry w. fish D: Capers, tuna, parsley and rigatoni dish
S 24/08 {Willis Bay} L: Black bean soup D: Steak, potatoes, mushrooms
Su 25/08 {travel} L: Black bean soup D: Pasta w salmon and broccoli
M 26/08 {travel} L: Salmon corn chowder D: Lamb Jalfrezi *madras curry paste*
T 27/08 {travel}L: Salmon corn chowder; D: CLAUDE's special tuna pasta

Lunch: In addition to soup: sandwich consisting of: meat slice, cheese slice, mustard/mayo, either a green veggie or several tinned asparagus spears

4pm Snack: crackers with gorgeous Danish cheese and sausage, olives, sometimes veggies with a dip. Favoured dips: lentil dip *ground cumin, curry powder*; soft cheese dip: *sun-dried tomato, pesto sauce*

Dessert: mandarin oranges, berries (frozen), slice gingerbread, 1 spoon orange liquor; After 8 chocolate

Please note that many of these recipes have onions or garlic (or both). I also use a lot of ginger and of yoghurt (when I have it) to top-up soups or on specific ethnic recipes. Coconut milk is another favourite - it makes the curries much smoother and is essential in Thai food. I use dried soaked beans and make barley, black bean and lentil soups in the pressure cooker.

At any rate - as I said a few months ago - **Some Like it HOT!!!**

At 28/08/2013 20:36 (utc) our position was 69°00.81'N 105°35.67'W

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