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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Gullvika, Store Molle, Lofoten

Dive Site in Gullvika
After nearly a month in Norway, we've finally found a piece of wilderness sufficiently remote to lack mobile broadband internet access. This blog has been posted either by SSB [short-wave] radio or by satellite phone.

Finding our last beautiful anchorage excessively rolly as a gale approached, we moved to this more enclosed spot. The shelter was indeed better where waves were concerned - none entered. With wind though it was a different matter. The gusts topped 50 knots [90 km/hr] and ripped our initial anchoring effort out of the snug sandy bottom. A second effort centered more perfectly in the available space and using all the chain that would fit survived the height of the gale with tolerably little movement.

When the rigors of the wind abated, we realized what a gem we had chosen and resolved to stay a while to explore a bit both below and above the water. The accompanying pictures show the scene of our dives. All those shades of green are now dusted with the snow that is drifting down in the intermittent showers.

Today we surfaced from our second dive here to discover company in our isolated anchorage. A Dutch sailboat, ONRUST, is the first other cruising boat we have seen since our arrival in Norway.

At 5/29/2012 18:38 (utc) our position was 68°14.88'N 014°53.78'E

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