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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Leaving Moskenesøy

Drying cod
After some time at the Sørvågen dock, the pervasive smell of drying cod told us it was time to move on.  The aroma was suggestive of the metaphor paralleling fish, guests and the passage of time and made us wonder if the residents were reminding us that we had exceeded our quota of days.

We certainly felt we had used our time well mixing work, sightseeing and exercise.

Sail repairs
Work first:  Our last use of the genoa just before arrival from Molde had displayed a remarkable amount of daylight through the upper part of the sail.  Our initial fears of rotten disintegrating cloth were reduced on close observation.  Only some threads had come adrift allowing a meter or so of seam to come apart - a problem Mary Anne quickly put to rest with adept use of sail repair tape and her sewing machine.

World's shortest place name
The relative ease of walking compared to docking and undocking led us to explore all four of the nearby fishing harbours on foot.  These ranged from picturesque Reine, five kilometers away to Å, a pretty village at the end of the Lofoten highway with no doubt the world's shortest place name. The harbour of Moskenes, for which the island is named was less memorable scenically but was graced with the loudest gull colony.

Out to sea
So at 7pm, we untied the lines and travelled through 7 hours of daylight to a 2am arrival here at Lille Molle Island anchored below a misty version of an Ansel Adams Yosemite cliff face.  ... we'd show you but, while the  mountain is as good as Yosemite, we are not as good as Ansel Adams.

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