Monday, 21 May 2012

Sorvagen, Moskenesoy, Lofoten Islands

Our entrance to these islands above the Arctic Circle took place at 2330 last night after a 2 1/2 day trip across some rough waters which revealed some weaknesses in our compass. It's easily confused because we're much nearer the Pole than we've been before. The nearly-perfect daylight at midnight also showed a large tear in the sail.These unhappy souvenirs of the passage will have to be repaired before our next engagement with the Norwegian Sea.
Norway Day parade
We left for the North country after a very short but enjoyable stay in Molde.  It was lovely to meet up with our friend Eva. We met her on the Norwegian ship "Opportune" captained by our friend Rune Somby. Eva and Rune completed a circumnavigation in June 2011 - this was the happiest boat (apart from ours) which we've met - the crew variously numbered Cecilia and a few others as it made its way home.

Eva Heimen and her parents helped us de-code the washer and dryer. The dryer had incomprehensible terms like "Skaptort" (locker dry), Stryketort (dry for ironing) and Rulletort (dry to be rolled). Our clothes were astonished at the individual concern lavished on them. Usually everything gets washed together and dried at the fiercest heat available for whatever coins we can scrape up.
Eva and her parents

May 17th is Norway's National Day. We watched it with the Heimens at the best available vantage point for photographs. We returned to the boat to enjoy a cross-cultural meal of pancakes (their contribution) and Canadian maple syrup.

Here in the Lofotens the weather changes from sunny to rainy to hail or snow. Fortunately, all three of us have lived in BC so we're not too perplexed by these changes. As per usual for Traversay III, we are early in the Season wherever we go.

At the Museum
Thus we were the first tourists to sign the Guest Book for 2012 at the Telecom Museum here. Because of the area's valuable fishery, the most sophisticated means of communication possible commenced service as early as 1861. Not a single Communications item in the subsequent 150 years has been lost or mislaid with a consequence that a vast array of wires, bulbs, circuits, tapes and hand-helds are on display on the 3 floor levels. The helpful curator made sure that we inspected each item.

Tied to the Dock in Sorvagen

We're happily tied to a dock with the fishboats. We feel overwhelmed by the beauty of this location and the kindness of the people.

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