Sunday, 19 August 2012

Boring Days

Looking down at Ålesund
Tied-up in Centre-town

Ålesund is a very beautiful town (see photos). We've enjoyed walking up the hill and the terrific Museum which this city offers. We've also managed to purchase our needed supplies and fuel and we found a great spot to tie up. However, this little blurb-blog is about the boring days (everyone has them). Along with the exciting days and great photos of memorable places, we spend many, many rather boring days. 

Boring Days in Town:
For me, a boring day is one in which we need to do housework and repairs under much more stressful conditions than we would in “ordinary” life. This happened when our engine parts arrived and Larry replaced the anti-freeze pump. With its compromised  bearings and a leak, it had become a priority on the fix-it list. If it failed at an inopportune time, we'd have to shut the engine off immediately and start drifting into ... rocks, obstacles, other boats? So we’ve stayed here for 5 days waiting for the parts, fixing it in port yesterday … and today we’ll pour the antifreeze back in and test it by motoring away in a southerly direction.

Lion's-Mane Jellyfish in  Ålesund
Yesterday and today qualify as boring days. This has been made more obvious because the community around us has erupted into joyous celebration with a 60s Festival – the partying in the boats rafted to and around us lasted from noon until 4 (or even 8) in the morning. It would have been fun to join in but duty called. Added to that, prices here in Norway for a rather ordinary bar/restaurant are 160% of what they would be in Bridges (one of the more expensive Vancouver restaurants) with concert tickets of a commensurate cost.

Boring Days at Anchor:
Honingdal Anchorage
Honingdal is dull after Torghatten. BUT among its unseen beauties: just the right amount of muddy sand to trap the anchor itself  but not the chain. This means the deck isn’t showered with mud as the chain winds itself up. We avoid the slimey bouquet of kelp which often presents itself  as the anchor mounts the deck (kelp doesn't like sand). It’s also a fine depth for anchoring – just 14m (50 ft). We just love a boring anchorage.

Of course, we are hopeful that the repair was a success or we may have to stay much longer. And  there won’t be loud music to belay the boredom.

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