Friday, 3 August 2012

Buddy Boating II - Boats and Places

Bacchus under sail
Opportune leaves the anchorage at Hopen

Fleinvaer, Mainland Norway

Rock climb in Djupfjorden
We've left the Lofoten Islands behind, but here are a few photos of the boats and the places we visited in Lofoten. We met our friends at Gullvika (see May blog)

Our next stop was at Svolvaer on Austvågøya Islands (see previous). Kjetil, Rune and Jackie tried some rock climbing at Djupfjorden. 

Henningsvær – we anchored outside and our friends tied up mid-town. 

Our last glimpse of Opportune was as she left the beautiful anchorage at Strømøy.

Mid-town Henningsvaer
Mountain view from Stromoy

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