Saturday, 4 August 2012

What No Puffin'?

Our travels today took us past the spectacular mountain island group of Træna. There's a radar station atop with a road-tunnel passing right through the middle and up to the station.  Of course, the views of Traena are spectacular even on a dark day like today. Church Cave (with the pulpit inside) - 'Kirkehallen'  can be clearly seen as you're leaving that island to starboard.

 The beautiful Brittle Star photo was taken by Larry during our dive yesterday at Gasvær and forms a contrast to the darkness of the day above the water!

After Traena we travelled on towards the eagerly-awaited puffin colony at Lovund. Larry and I have tried and tried to take puffin photos over the years and have never been too successful. Puffins appear to be the most laid-back birds in existence, but they manage to evade the camera at the last second and our numerous photo attempts have joined our tail-less fish in the archives. After a long long day we could not locate a useful dock to tie up to in Lovund, so we're still motoring (endlessly) and will be for another hour or two. As for the rumoured puffins - we have not seen ANY on the water!

Puffin ... a Linda Thom photo
Fortunately, Linda (with the assistance of husband Don) sent us a terrific puffin photo just 2 days ago. It didn't want to join the other birds in Linda's Bird Blog (see July 12), so it's here - thanks Linda and Don!

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