Monday, 6 August 2012


Traversay III with Torghatten Mt 
Bunny on the trail
View through the hole
There are many versions to the story of this holed mountain - one states that a giant troll was besotted with a beautiful female troll as she bathed in the icy sea. He galloped along and tried to abduct her - failing that, he decided to kill her and shot an arrow at her. The King of  the mountains deflected the arrow with his hat ... hence a hole in the hat-like mountain. The troll-ess and her 6 sisters were turned into a mountain range.

View back to Brønnøysund
Permeable mountain!
We travelled throughout the day yesterday arriving around 1700. Anchoring in a nearby channel, we had an early dinner, inflated and launched the dinghy and set off for the mountain in the evening. It proved to be a wise choice as during today's sunshine, the mountain was peopled by a number of ant-like humans. There were VERY few other ants when we reached the apex around 2000hrs.

We've left the land for a few days and should get to our destination - Bud - on the mainland NW of Harøysund. We hope to sail and we expect to arrive sometime on Wednesday.

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